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Meet Haley.


Haley Osier debuted her first full-length album in the Spring of 2015. I Wrote This For You captured the youthful personality of the songwriter from Grapevine, Texas with quirky lyrics and colorful pop melodies. Since this debut, Haley has grown in grace and gravity, and it is with this new found depth and maturity that she is ready to launch her next project Delta

This sophomore album is anything but a repeat of the first. With soulful melodies and vulnerable lyrics, Delta delivers stories in song that will surprise you, that will move you. You will hear the influences of pop songstresses like Sara Bareilles and Adele, woven together with transparency and simplicity. Delta is a journey from a place of despair to one of hope. The storyteller opens up with a confession that she would rather trade her heart in than feel the depths of her heartbreak, but she will leave you with hope for your own story and the truth that goodbyes can be replaced with fond hellos. 

After many years in the industry, wearing the various hats of musician, manager, and talent buyer, Haley has tapped into an honest form of storytelling that she has made her own. With the help of local musicians and producer Chris Clayton, Delta delivers a vision a year in the making. The title of this album carries as much weight as the songs themselves. Delta is a place where rivers meet, where things come together. It is a place of connectedness. Delta is a symbol of change. It’s a shift in velocity, the difference between before and after. Delta is a three-sided symbol of hope, and as you’ll hear - the best things come in threes.  

With Delta, Haley wades into the waters of that mysterious singer-songwriter genre with a sense of favor and direction. Coming off of the success of her first album, with accolades such as Noisetrade’s New & Noteworthy feature, she is not afraid of change. In regard to her new sound, she says, “I am just trying to live a story worth telling, and it would be wrong of me to guess the ending - or even the next chapter. Delta is that next chapter for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise myself.” 

Delta is now available on iTunes. Keep up with music news and more from Haley at  haleyosier.com.





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by Haley Osier

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